Colonic Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation) treatment leaves you feeling clean and revitalised. The treatment will exercise the bowel aiding in the assistance of ridding the colon of waste this reducing the toxins in the body. Colonic treatments together with diet and lifestyle changes will help with weight problems the benefit from Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment is an overall feeling of well being and unlike other regular treatments available it is non habit forming infact the bowel is much improved to be able to absorb nutrients this helping the good overall feeling sought after by everyone. Waster material that has remained in the colon for sometime can pose several problems

1) the waste can be quite toxic and these toxins can circulate in the blood stream making us feel generally unwell tired and lethargic.

2) the waste material can also impair the colons ability to do its job properly.

3) A build up of waste material on the colon wall can inhibit the muscular action resulting in a sluggish bowel causing constipation.              Click here for full size