As you can see many conditions can benefit from a Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment.
(A) Acne. Allergies.  Arthritis. Asthma. Atonic  Alopecia. Anxiety. Appetite (poor) 
(B) Back Ache. Bad breath. Bloated Stomach. Blood Poisoning. Bladder Infections. Body Odour. Baldness
(C) Colitis. Candida. Constipation. Crohns Disease. Colds (persistent). Cellulite. Circulation (poor)
(D) Dermatitis. Diarrhoea. Diverticulosis. Duodenal. Depression. Dry eyes
(E) Enteritis. Earache. Eczema. Eyes (puffy/dry)
(F) Food Cravings. Flatulence
(G) Gall Bladder. Gall Stones. Gastric. Gum Disease
(H) Headaches. Halitosis. Heart Disease. High Blood Pressure. Haemorrhoids (unless too painful to be treated). Hypertension. Hair Condition Problems.
(I) IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Intestinal Bowel. Caners. Indigestion. Irritability. Insomnia
(K&L) Kidney & Liver Problems. Liver Spots
(M) Mental Sluggishness. Menstrual Problems. Multiple Sclerosis  M.E.
(N) Nails (discoloured-ridged-dry)
(O) Osteoarthritis
(P) Physical Sluggishness. Prostrate Problems. Psoriasis  Poisoning
(R) Rheumatism
(S) Spastic Colon. Stomach Ulcers. Stomach. Sinus Problems. Stiffness. Sore Joints. Sciatic Pain 
(T) Tooth Decay
(U) Urinary Problems
(W) Wind  Weight Loss