What is involved in Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment?
No Preparation is required although it is advised not to eat a heavy meal or drink too much for 2 1/2 hours prior to the treatment.

How Long Will It Take?
A Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment is approx 35 to 45 minutes but allow a little longer for changing and discussing the treatment.

How Safe Is This Procedure?
As essentially natural process and virtually no danger. We always recommend a trained therapist in Colonic Hydrotherapy to carry out this treatment and all our equipment is either disposable or sterilised to hospital standards. Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment is able to loosen far more waste than any other technique.

Is Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment Habit Forming?
No unlike laxatives apart from being non habit forming it also improves the tone of the colon and helps it to function better.

Is It Embarrassing Having A Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment?
in short No you will maintain your personal dignity, you will be treated with only the therapist in the room who will be well versed in the sensitivity and will help you feel at ease there will be no mess or odour and you will remain covered during the treatment. Removal of all waste simply travels into the waste connection.